Acer isi duce clientii in nori. Lanseaza serviciul AcerCloud

Data: 9/01/2012 | Autor: .

Acer pregateste lansarea, in cel de-al doilea trimestru din acest an, a serviciului AcerCloud.  Prin intermediul acestuia, utilizatorii de gadgeturi cu Android vandute de companie vor putea salva online fisierele, fie ca vine vorba de texte, prezentari, foto sau video.

Documentele vor putea fi vizualizate si de pe alte dispozitive cu ajutorul AcerCloud Docs, un program special dedicate clientilor Acer.

Ambele servicii vor putea fi accesate cu ajutorul unui cont personal, deschis pe site-ul Acer. Back-up-uri de content vor putea fi salvate “oncloud” pentru o perioada de pana la 30 de zile.

Cu serviciul Acer clear.fu Media,  clientii vor putea avea acces de oriunde la contentul  multimedia.

AcerCloud seamana din multe puncte de vedere cu Apple iCloud. Cititi mai jos comunicatul Acer.


cerCloud Connects All Personal Devices Securely for Anytime, Anywhere Access to Digital Media and Data
Acer today previewed its upcoming AcerCloud, which securely connects all personal smart devices for anytime, anywhere access. Featuring Acer Always Connect technology, users can retrieve multimedia and data files anytime, even when their main PC is in sleep (standby/hibernation) mode. Users can enjoy these advantages knowing that their information is stored and transferred securely via strong encryption and authentication. Bringing users tremendous functionality and value, Acer will include the AcerCloud, without additional cost, on all new Acer consumer PCs.

Acer reduces the complexities of today’s fast-paced lifestyles by developing solutions that enable devices to communicate, simplifying the process of content sharing. With the ever-growing number of smart digital devices, users need to share and back up their multimedia and data files in a simple, smart way.

Create, acquire and consume on different devices
AcerCloud makes it easy to take photos on a smartphone while on the go, and then view them on a main PC at home or in the office, without the delay and complication of manually transferring files. It also allows users to purchase a movie from an all-in-one PC, and then watch it on a tablet or smartphone on a train or airplane. As long as the main PC is in sleep (standby/hibernation) mode, Acer Always Connect technology can wake it up through Wi-Fi® so media can be retrieved via a mobile device. AcerCloud, meanwhile, intelligently uses local and cloud storage together so all data is always available. Other features of AcerCloud include:

Through PicStream, users can take holiday snapshots on their smartphone, back them up on the main PC, and share them efficiently with other smart devices. Users can stream photos via in the Cloud to PCs and other devices; photos are backed up permanently on their PC, and temporarily accessible for 30 days in their personal cloud and on other devices.

AcerCloud Docs
Professionals can update sales documents on a PC and save them, and the documents will be put into the personal cloud and streamed to other devices. They can then go to their meeting with their notebook or tablet PC and have immediate access to all the updated files. The files will be temporarily accessible for 30 days in the personal cloud and on the devices, or they can choose to download the files on to other devices for long-term storage. Media
With Acer’s unique Media application, users can also access all their multimedia at any time. They can use to connect to the personal cloud and stream live, or download and enjoy content offline for convenient on-the-go entertainment.

Acer Inc. President Jim Wong stated, “AcerCloud not only provides the simplicity and efficiency when accessing and sharing data, but it’s also free with a new Acer PC and gives our users peace-of-mind, knowing that their data is safely transferred in a personal cloud space.”

AcerCloud will be bundled on all Acer consumer PCs starting Q2 2012. It will support all Android devices, while future support is planned for Windows-based devices. The service will be available inAmerica,Europe,AsiaandChina.