LG 4K OLED TV, in magazine! Cum vrea LG sa ingroape televizoarele LCD (VIDEO)

Data: 25/08/2014 | Autor: .


LG ridica stacheta pe piata televizoarelor, odata cu lansarea in magazine a primului OLED TV 4K cu ecran curbat, gadget prezentat in acest an la Consumer Electronics Show. Televizorul 4k OLED (organic light emitting diode) va fi vandut in doua variante, in functie de marimea ecranului, mai intai in Coreea de Sud, iar apoi in SUA si Europa.

Cel de 65 inchi 1080p va costa 6999 dolari, iar cel de 77 inchi ar urma sa coste 20.000 de lire in Marea Britanie.

Televizorul, cu  nume de cod 65EC9700, este primul OLED TV cu rezolutia UHD 4K (3840 x 2160 pixeli) – o rezolutie de patru ori mai buna decat cea 1080p HDTV, relatează Engadget.

Televizorul OLED TV 4K este primul din lume care isi poate modifica forma. Schimbarea se face direct din telecomanda.

Astfel ca, daca de exemplu vreti sa vedeti un film in mod panoramic, accesati butonul dedicat de pe telecomanda, iar televizorul LG OLED se curbeaza in cateva secunde.

Televizoarele ar avea si avantajul suplimentar față de cele cu curbură fixă că sunt capabile să le fie anulată curbura și să fie plate pe perete, atunci când nu sunt folosite.

LG afirma ca acesta este viitorul si ca, din 2015, va incepe sa dezvolte pe scara larga astfel de dispozitive LG OLED.

SEOUL, Aug. 25, 2014 — LG Electronics (LG) today announced the start of sales of the world’s first OLED TV with 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution. Available in 77- and 65-inch screen sizes (models 77EG9700 and 65EC9700), LG 4K OLED TVs boast the very best display technology currently available — a curved panel composed of organic light-emitting diodes in Ultra HD quality. LG 4K OLED TV, highlights the superiority of OLED over conventional display technology, providing a viewing experience that is nothing short of amazing. Simply put, it is the future of television.


LG 4K OLED TV employs an advanced panel developed by LG Display which features LG’s proprietary Four-Color Pixel WRGB technology. With 33 million sub-pixels working to produce the most lifelike colors and infinite contrast ratio, viewers will feel like they’re watching the real thing. With richer, brighter and more natural hues, the self-lighting pixels also guarantee deeper blacks and its fast response rate helps the TV render motion flawlessly without flickering or blurring.


“LG 4K OLED TV is the pinnacle of technological achievement and a new paradigm that will change the dynamics of the next generation TV market,” said Hyun-hwoi Ha, president and CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Company. “As the next evolutionary step in display technology, OLED will play a major role in reshaping our industry. I feel confident when I say that 4K OLED is a bona fide game changer.”


Supported by a flowing, leaf-shaped stand, the slender, curved screen of LG 4K OLED TV is both cinematic and stylish. For installation flexibility, the 65EC9700 and 77EG9700 can also be wall mounted. And LG’s multi-channel ULTRA SURROUND sound system supplies an audio performance that lives up to the TV’s superior picture quality. Designed in cooperation with renowned audio expert Harman Kardon, ULTRA SURROUND creates a rich, detailed environment that heightens the viewer’s sense of immersion.


LG’s 4K OLED TV, which was a Best of Innovations award winner at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is built around the easy-to-use webOS platform and offers a range of convenient features and functions developed around the core concepts of Simple Connection, Simple Switching and Simple Discovery. webOS was recently recognized by the prestigious European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) for its exceptionally intuitive user interface.


“OLED TVs are expected to overtake LCD in sales within a few years and no company is better prepared for this than LG,” added Mr. Ha. “OLED’s benefits are obvious. There’s no deterioration in picture quality and issues such as image blurring, distortion and color leakage in curved LED units are simply non-existent on curved OLED TVs. 4K OLED TV represents superb value for the consumer in terms of color reproduction, contrast ratio, detail and viewing angles.”


LG will begin taking pre-orders for its 65- and 77-inch 4K OLED TVs starting in Korea this week, with availability in key markets in North America and Europe to follow soon after. Visitors to IFA can see LG’s 4K OLED TVs for themselves by visiting Hall 11.2 of Messe Berlin from September 5-10.