Oracle 1Z0-808 Exam: A Stepping Stone in your Path to Java 8 Certification  

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oracle 1z0-808 tips_tricks-1508x706_c-600x281In this article, we will talk about Java certifications issued by Oracle and how they can help you kick-starting, prolonging and securing your career in the world of information technology. The certifications that relate to Java open up new doors when it comes to work opportunities and career growth is concerned. It is extremely important to note that earning this certification does not only require passing some exams but also requires the candidate’s keen interest in the subject matter, otherwise the effort is most likely to end in failure.

How does a Java Certification help me as IT Professional

If you are still not convinced with the general benefits that have been mentioned above, we will discuss some slightly more direct clear-cut benefits of earning a Java 8 Certification.

First of all, the certification is your gateway to excellent Java related jobs such as Java consultants etc. Java professionals are always required in the job market and getting that dream job won’t be as difficult as it is in other circumstances.

Another great edge that people attain after they successfully pass their certification exam is that they inevitably learn new things, develop newer skills and get better at what you do as a Java certified professional.

Lastly, it is seen that people who get these certifications are much more successful in impressing people during interviews which help them a lot in their careers. This is because the preparation for this Java certification can be so vigorous that the candidates learn a host of new ideas and there are hardly any facts that they do not know.


Exam Preparation Prerequisites


If you have finalized your plan to appear in 1Z0-808 exam and earn Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer certification after its completion, then following are some important things that you should know before moving any further.


  1. Bear in mind, that this is not just some one-off deal. The path to earning your certification is intensive and requires regular study and training.
  2. The process is time-consuming and so is the exam itself. You should not underestimate any aspect of the exam even if you are an experienced professional and take your time with the exam.
  3. Don’t worry too much about your score, focus on the knowledge that you gain and the new ideas you learn. If you get too concerned about your score, then it may hurt your preparation.


Exam Pattern


The total time allowed for the exam is 2 hours and 30 minutes and the number of questions in the test is seventy-seven. We have mentioned details pertaining to the topics and format of the exam later in the article. The passing score for 1z0-808 exam is sixty-five percent; anything lower than that will be considered a failed attempt.


Where to start my Preparation for 1Z0-808


As a basic rule, you need to set and choose a fruitful certification path for your efforts. Right now the latest and most recent version among Java certifications is the Java SE 8 Programmer certification. Make sure you chart out the right path and plan your preparation well from day one.


  1. Exam Syllabus

The first step is to go through the syllabus and plan how you are going to study, chalk out which topics are your strengths and which ones are your weaknesses. Select topics you will cover first and plan accordingly to make sure that you finish your preparation before the actual exam date.


  1. Study Guide

A good approach is to start your preparation with the help of a well-known study guide. You can use Oracle Certification Online Practice Exam and Sample Questions for self-study; the site hosts a number of different Aiotestking Oracle 1z0-802 Practice test questions and Exam Dumps which you can attempt in order to learn and sharpen your exam solving skills. The site also offers simulated exams which allow you to witness something quite similar to the actual exam.


  1. Scenario-Based Question

The exam involves concept related scenario based questions which need to be answered. Hence, it is imperative that during your preparation you give close attention to such questions. One simple tip is to connect every new concept that you come across with a real-world scenario, this way you will get the hang of things, and will remain comfortable with such questions in the exam.


  1. Exercises, Practice Tests and Problem Solving

Another significant factor that increases your chances of passing the exam is to employ the question solving approach. There are a number of websites which offer exercises and practice tests for you to solve. Solving a lot of questions makes you exam ready, warms up your brain for what more is to come in the actual exam.

You can also find simulated exam environments or premium practice tests which are tailor-made for exam preparation. They create an environment where you feel the exact same pressures that you may feel during the exam.


  1. Take Your Exam Attempt as Practice

Sometimes the practice one gets is from the exam itself. It is possible that you might not pass the exam at the first attempt; in that case, you should consider the exam you appeared in as practice for the future attempts. You will surely ace it once you prepare and reappear for 1Z0-808 exam.



We hope that this article succeeds in giving you a fresh approach and an understanding of the importance of preparation for the exam. Earning Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer certification is as good as any idea an IT professional can build upon. We wish all those candidates who are appearing in the exam and those who aim to do so in the future good luck and hope that you pass it on the first.

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