VMware Certifications For Virtualization Professionals To Boost Their Career

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VMware Certifications For Virtualization Professionals To Boost Their CareerThe adoption of digital workspaces is adding a huge value to the core businesses, with a new outlook for various business approaches and processes. As a result, the comprehensive end-user computing platform is today the backbone of this digital transformation drive. VMware has been successful in witnessing a tremendous growth in the industry. We do often come across people who keep asking about some of the best ways they could speed up on VMware Training and the truth is there are many ways. However deciding the best ones depends on the various factors like the personal needs, preferences, and the last but not the least the various circumstances.

Luckily there is a wide range of sources available that will help in acquiring and learning new VMware technology knowledge. These will help you narrow down what suits the best for you. Given below are the five approaches that will continue to speed on VMware Training.

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All about VMR Certification

Before getting into the courses, let us know a little bit about VMR certification. This is a certification that has been designed for the IT professionals to prove that they are well versed with VMware vSphere and the other related technologies. This certification can only be passed after

  • Taking the VMware-authorized training courses
  • Having a hands-on experience with VMware Technology
  • Passing the Foundation exam
  • You can also give an elective exam for specialization

There are different certification levels in VMware certification. Foundation exam is a must to pass. After this, the applicant can choose to specialize in one of these or all of the given areas:

  • Data Centre Virtualization
  • Cloud Management and Automation
  • Network Virtualization
  • Desktop and Mobility

List of most popular VMware certifications Resources

  1. Vmware VCP6-DCV vSphere Version: 6 Exam 2V0-620
  2. Vmware VCP6-DCV vSphere Version: 6 Exam: 2V0-621
  3. Vmware VCP6.5-DCV vSphere Version: 6.5 Exam: 2V0-622d

    4. Vmware VCAP6.5-DCV Design vSphere Version: 6.5 Exam: 3v0-624


The Exam Patternfor 2V0-622 Exam

2v0-622 certification exam verifies that you have the abilities expected to install happily, expand, scale and maintain VMware vSphere 6.5 settings.

The exam consists of 70 questions and a survey that has 8 questions which are not taken into account while calculating marks. The candidates are given 105 minutes to complete the entire exam that is scored on a scale of 100-500. A passing score of 300 or above is ideal.

The candidates have to pay a fee of $250 to sit for each exam and they can take the exam as many times as they want.

The five approaches are given below:

Taking up a third party course

There are a few things that the third party organizations generally offer when it comes to ExamCollection VMware courses. But do make sure that you carefully look into them as they are often updated and help you qualify VMware exam. I am not a person who is opposed with this third-party course but the reality is that creating and maintaining quality training does take a huge time and effort, and most of these sites don’t even have the depth of resources through which someone could actually update the courses.


If the formal training does not suit to your needs and requirements, then let me tell you that you can jump in and start training by yourself. VMware has few of the amazing documentation on installing and making use of their products. Some of the disadvantages here is that you will have to learn the entire technology on your own, followed by the process of setting up your new lab where you will not be having anyone to question and bounce on you, you will not have anyone to offer the best practices or price and the last but not the least you will have to dig into any wallpapers and documentation in order to gain the information you are looking out for.

Taking classes from VMware

One of the best ways to quickly come up to speed on VMware technology is by attending the classes. These are classes that are actually taken up VMware Certified Professionals and on the basis of the latest material, fulfilling the training requirements for the certification. These are classes that are mostly offered online or live and can be completed in a week or less so that you can speed up as quickly as possible. These classes will also give you the major advantage of having a hand on experiences with all the products helping you understand things in detail.

Reading a book

If you are willing to learn about a specific product and don’t wish to be officially certified, or cannot afford for the training, or unable to find a class that could help you in addressing the subject you are interested in, then let me tell you that this is one of the options that you can learn from. Say for example you might have heard of Cormac Hogan and Duncan Epping. These great personalities have written an excellent guide to VMware virtual scan and released it immediately after the product hit the general availability. This helped many users to come up with the speed on vsan. And as the technology moves fast and the book publishing moves really very slow make sure what you are considering is current and is updated with technology.

Community college training

Most of the colleges offer VMware authorized training that is again taught by the local professors out there. This training does help to fulfil the requirements that are necessary to gain VCP Data Centre Virtualization. These are classes that are been conducted only on Data Centre Virtualization and are generally out of the semester. So if you are planning to rush into something then let me tell you that this is completely your choice. And in case you have enough time to spread your training over several months then do make sure that you check with the admission procedure with the counsellor of your community in order to participate in the certification programme and finally, pass one of the certification exams.

Four Major Tips That Will Help You Pass VMware Exam:

  1. Making use of the community: There are many study groups and mentors available on social media today. This is generally believed to be a place from where you can easily get resources in the various forms of blogs, articles, questions and answers, videos that can be downloaded, and the last but not the least e-books. Not just this in case there is any new content being shared, it will help you stay updated in future.
  2. Having an outline set for the exam: Have a spreadsheet being created in order to set all the objectives that will turn out to work handy for you. In case you have it uploaded in your mobile it is still considered to be a major advantage. You can have yourself ranked on the basis of scoring against the known and the unknown topics. This will also keep you aware of the number of days left for the exam.
  3. Allocating a separate time for the lab: Having your own lab being set apart from just attending various sessions is one of the best ways of utilizing the exam hall. Every VMware product is available in the various forms of SSD, Storage, Ram and having a VMware workstation will turn out to beneficial for you.
  4. Downloading the blueprint: As the blueprint is considered to be the most important thing in the entire programme, having a glance at it would give you the entire idea about the VMware course. This helps in giving a clear picture in mind of whatever you have learnt and understood so far, helping you learn the next things having your involvement in technology. This sets up your mind of preparing yourself in for this exam a better manner.

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So, if you are one of those who wants to make a better career in the IT industry then VMware must be your next destination. I hope this articles will lead you to know why you should choose VMware certifications and how could you pass the certification exam.