LG lanseaza primele telefoane cu Android 4.0

Data: 21/02/2012 | Autor: .

LG a anuntat, marti, ca pregateste lansarea smartphone-urilor L3, L5 si L7, primele cu sistemul de operare Android 4.0. Telefoanele vor ajunge in magazine in primul semestru din acest an.

Intr-un comunicat de presa, LG afirma ca cele trei telefoane beneficiaza de ecrane cu tehnologia Floating Mass display, care creaza utilizatorului senzatia ca ecranul pluteste. Aceasta este prezenta pe telefonul Prada 3.0.

Un artificiu tehnic care, cu siguranta, va influenta decizia de cumparare.

LG L7 si L5 vor avea ecrane  de 4,3 respectiv 4.0 inch si vor rula Android 4.0, in timp ce L3 va prezenta un display ceva mai mic, de 3,2 inch, si va rula sistemul de operare Android 2.3.

Cele trei telefoane vor fi lansate la Mobile World Congress de la Barcelona (27 februarie – 1 martie).

Atunci vom afla si detaliile tehnice.

LG a anuntat, totodata, ca pregateste lansarea altor doua smartphone-uri pana la finele anului. Optimus L5 cu un display de 4.0-inch si Optimus L7 cu un ecran de 4.3-inch vor rula sistemul de operare Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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SEOUL, Feb. 21, 2012 – LG Electronics (LG) makes its boldest move yet in its

strategy to attain smartphone leadership with the launch of its new design identity, LStyle, at the 2012 Mobile World Congress (MWC).

The core essence of  L-Style involves a timeless design with finer details that further

differentiate LG’s mobile devices from the competition. LG’s design leadership has

been well established in the past with a successful track-record that includes the Black

Label Series phones such as the Chocolate and Shine.

“Design is consistently the top or second most important factor for customers when

choosing a mobile phone,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Mobile

Communications Company. “With smartphones, we sometimes took a more functional

approach to design but with L-Style we’re going back to our roots as a company focused

on how our products fit into the lifestyle of our customers.”

L-Style’s  design philosophy is comprised of five aesthetic elements:  Modern Square

Style for a comfortable grip, Floating Mass Technology for a slimmer look, Seamless

Layout for a more intuitive arrangement of keys, Harmonized Design Contrast utilizing

metallic accents and Sensuous Slim Shape that naturally draws one’s attention.

Three new smartphones to be unveiled at MWC will initially feature the L-Style look.

The Optimus L3, with a 3.2-inch display, will first launch in Europe this March. This

smartphone will be followed by two other devices in the first half of the year running

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich: Optimus L5 with a 4.0-inch display and Optimus L7

featuring a 4.3-inch screen.